November 30, 2006

Adoption Wait Time

The adoption referrals for parents with log-in dates through 9/8/2005 received their referrals today. Congratulations to those parents who are able to see their childrens' pictures for the first time. That represents a 14.9 month wait for these parents. If their wait time is indicative of our wait time, we only have 9.3 more months of waiting. However, it is probably inappropriate to predict our wait time based on the most recent parent's wait time. It may be better to consider the most recent CC@A (China Center of Adoption Affairs) productivity. If you look at their most recent productivity, our wait time is even longer. The lengthening wait time is depressing. I hope that when referrals come out next month that we can report an improvement in the statistics. We think about our baby all the time.

The following table represents the historical wait time for 2006:

Cut-off in Log-in DateDate of Referral Release

Average Wait Time (In Months)

5/25/20052/27/2006 9.3

November 19, 2006

Window Cafe

Our window cafe is now open for business! It's hours of operation are from sunrise to sunset and we offer a wide variety of seeds. We have had repeat customers so far, and hope to attract new customers soon.

November 18, 2006

Part I of CIA Exam

I tested for Part I of the CIA exam last Wednesday. I think I did OK on the exam, but grades will not be released until January 15. I've already taken Parts III and received credit for Part IV. So, if I pass Part I, I will take Part II in May 2007. Unfortunately, the exam is only offerred twice a year. I have so much free time now that I'm not studying that I don't know what to do first! The limited number of people that actually visit our blog may have noticed the big gap in posts while I was studying!

Breeder's Cup Gala

Bryan and I went to the Breeder's Cup Charity Gala. It was fun! I even got my hair done for the event (which I haven't done since our wedding day!). Allison Krauss and Union Station performed at the event and Wow! they were good. I didn't think I liked country music, but this was somewhere in between country and folk. I now have their CD and am a fan.