May 28, 2007


I just got back from a business trip to Osaka, Japan. Unfortunately, I was in meetings the entire visit so I couldn't tour the sites. It was a great experience though since it was my first time in Japan. I learned a great deal about their business etiquette and culture. Flying to and back from Japan in the same week does a number on your body. I'm hoping to go back to Japan in the fall for more than a week and hopefully Bryan will be able to join me.

By the way, being allergic to seafood is a bad idea if you're visiting Japan.
I'm already anticipating potential food issues when we travel to China to pick up our daughter. Thankfully, I know a few Chinese people that can make me allergy cards in advance of our trip.

Kelly, John and Johnny's Visit

I visited with my sister, nephew and brother-in-law last weekend. I miss my nephew, Johnny, already. He just turned 4 and I coached him on ping-pong and he can already serve! Below are some pictures from the visit.

May 13, 2007

Mother's Day

Someone sent me a Mother's Day card today. It melted my heart. I wasn't expecting any cards, but it was so nice to be recognized as a waiting mother. Happy Mother's Day to everyone, including those who are waiting for their adopted children.

San Juan Trip

I just got back last night from a business trip to San Juan. I had one partial afternoon free when I was there so I got to see some sites. My company was nice enough to book a hotel on the beach for me, but it was torture seeing everyone in their bathing suits headed for tours while I was headed to work with my laptop.

Above are beach pictures from my hotel, some pictures of goverment buildings including the governer's house, pictures of residences in Old San Juan, and a picture of a WWII natzi war prize ship now commissioned by the US Coast Guard.