February 27, 2007

Girl Scout Cookies at Work

Girl Scout cookies are here, in case you are on another planet and haven’t noticed. My favorite cookies are Thin Mints. I have experienced a recent phenomenon at work whereby people that ordered their cookies last month are now concerned about weight gain or other health issues and not wanting to eat them so they are literally giving them away! Yesterday, someone gave me their box of Samoas. Today, someone gave me their two boxes of Thin Mints. Yummo! They both insisted that I not pay for the cookies. But today, I felt guilty and payed for the Thin Mints. After all, they cost $3.50 per box. I will be on the hunt today for more cookie giveaways from desperate dieters!

February 26, 2007

It's not Broken!!!

We are so relieved that Bryan's ankle is not broken. It's just an extremely bad sprain. He needs a brace and crutches and is prohibited from driving for awhile, and of course no basketball for the next 4-6 weeks. The orthopedic doctor that's our friend played a practical joke on Bryan during our visit, showing Bryan another patient's x-ray, whose ankle was extremely injured, in place of Bryan's x-ray. Bryan laughed nervously at the joke, but I thought it was extremely humorous. :)

February 25, 2007

Junior League Event

Last night, Bryan and I attended a Junior League event that was organized by our friend Taunya. We had a blast! It was a great event full of gambling (with play money), a string quartet, an orchestra band and silent and live auctions. We got a couple small oil paintings by Norman Korpi and our friend got a UK basketball signed by UK's coach. Bryan dusted off his old tux and I must say he was very handsome. Below are pictures of our friends Taunya and Melita and her husband Lee.

Sprain or Fracture?

This morning, Bryan came home early from his Sunday basketball game hobbling into the house. He has been laying down since and his ankle is extremely big. Fortunately, on of Bryan's friends that was playing basketball with him and is an orthopedic surgeon. The friend gave him care instructions until Bryan can be seen tomorrow morning and he said there is no need for an emergency room visit. The big question is whether the injury is a sprain or fracture. Needless to say, I dusted Bryan's old crutches off. I'll keep you posted on his doctor's visit tomorrow. I uploaded a couple pictures of the patient. So far his spirits are good.