February 27, 2007

Girl Scout Cookies at Work

Girl Scout cookies are here, in case you are on another planet and haven’t noticed. My favorite cookies are Thin Mints. I have experienced a recent phenomenon at work whereby people that ordered their cookies last month are now concerned about weight gain or other health issues and not wanting to eat them so they are literally giving them away! Yesterday, someone gave me their box of Samoas. Today, someone gave me their two boxes of Thin Mints. Yummo! They both insisted that I not pay for the cookies. But today, I felt guilty and payed for the Thin Mints. After all, they cost $3.50 per box. I will be on the hunt today for more cookie giveaways from desperate dieters!


Anonymous said...

hey that is not fair!
i want cookies

Kelly :)

Sandra said...

Lucky for you, see if you can find me some of the Lemonade cookies. I don't know what they are called in Louisville, but they are Lemonades here in Lexington. Happy Hunting.

chad said...

Exactly how are people supposed to know your favorite flavor of girl scout? They only come out once a year, and with your self control, are lucky to make it home. I'm sure Bryan hasn't seen a thin mint in years. If someone did know your favorite girl scout, wouldn't you be worried they're stalking you?