July 3, 2008

New Pictures!

Here is Owen drying off from a bath....all 17 pounds 7 ounces and 27 inches of him! He just got his four month check-up and is doing great! He's in the 90 and 97 percentile for weight and height, respectively.

Grandma and Papa got Owen his first Bama outfit and many more after that! He didn't actually say "Roll Tide", but we had to add the cheer to the picture for fun.

Owen's first food!

Owen got his first taste of solids...rice cereal mixed with formula...yum.
Below is a clip from his "first supper"!

Owen Laughing!

Owen is now 4 months old and starting to laugh, which makes our hearts just burst! He's also clicking his tongue now and both of us didn't teach him that so it definitely surprised us and Bryan called me in the room to witness it when it first happened. Below is a video of him enjoying a bath, laughing.