July 23, 2007


I was in Minneapolis last week on business. I saw my first Minnesota Twins game in the famous Metrodome that is shared with the Vikings. I think this was my first in door baseball game. Unfortunately, the Twins lost and there were many disappointed fans, but I had a blast just enjoying my surroundings. Of course, I went shopping too! Many locals think that the Mall of America is overrated, but I absolutely love it. I had not been shopping for awhile so I had bottled energy that exploded. I shut down the mall one night and had to go back to my car twice with all the goodies. I got the famous brown bag from Bloomingdales.

Above are pictures from the Twins game and a Spam castle at the Mall of America (of course I had to get a picture of the Spam castle).


Sandra said...

Going to the Twins game must have been fun. I love going to different ballparks. I am jealous of you. I would have loved to go to the ballgame and shopping, boy are you lucky. Love the Spam castle.

Tracy said...

Hi - I saw you on another person's blog, so I thought I would come check your out. I love in Minneapolis (well, Eagan). I am glad you enjoyed our town. I also went to a losing Twins game a couple weeks ago - but it was still fun. And I love the Mall of America - and I even worked there for 5 years and still love it!

LID 11*22*05

PS - my DH and I are in the first child from China blog, too :)

Tracy said...

Oops - I meant to say that I LIVE in Minneapolis (well, I love here too) - LOL!